Everyone knows the old saying about Melbourne's weather: ‘four seasons in one day'. That unpredictability will be on full show during the conference. June and July mark the winter months in Melbourne, which means you could see everything from crisp, winter sun, to windy afternoons and wet and frosty mornings.

Despite the unpredictable weather, June and July are the perfect time to visit Melbourne. The CBD is hemmed by skyscrapers, meaning the worst of the wind and chill is blocked. Conversely, a visit during summer means the weather is more consistent, but you will have to cope with searing heat and extreme humidity while being sandwiched in among five million people.

The temperature usually hovers between about 7 and 15 degrees Celsius, so make sure you bring a good coat, and maybe even a beanie, scarf and gloves if you’re particularly susceptible to the cold. Of course, this winter will feel quite mild for visitors from the Northern Hemisphere.

Surprisingly, June and July aren't the wettest months in Melbourne, but there'll be just enough to cover the ample parkland in lush, green grass and bring the numerous flower beds to full and glorious life. The sun does go down at about 5.30 PM, but that just gives you more time to enjoy Melbourne’s world-famous nightlife.

The weather is perfect for enjoying a twilight walk along the Yarra River from the CBD to Richmond, and you can even enjoy the wild and woolly weather down by the bay in St Kilda. Set yourself up at a restaurant along the foreshore and enjoy a beautiful dinner while the waves pound the shoreline.

Winter weather is also perfect to enjoy all the activities that Melbourne and Victoria have on offer. Have a long, lazy lunch in one of the many award-winning restaurants or head out to the Yarra Valley or the Mornington Peninsula and enjoy a glass of world-class wine right at the Cellar Door.

Of course, June and July mean one thing in Melbourne – Australian Rules Football. You'll see businessmen wearing the scarf of their team, and cars will have them hanging out of their windows. While you're in town, make sure you visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground or Marvel Stadium to take in Australia's indigenous sport and soak up this crucial element of Melbourne's culture.

Whatever you’re interested in, the weather in June/July will provide the perfect climate in which to experience it. The truth is, you never know what is in store for you on a Melbourne's winter day and the city has been designed around this unpredictability. It's not all about the parks and beaches, and it's not all about the bars, galleries and dining spots. It's about the mixture and finding the perfect place to spend your Melbourne day.

Weather Averages for June-July in Melbourne

  • Low Temperature: 7.1°C or 44.8°F
  • High Temperature: 14.2°C or 57.6°F
  • Sunshine Hours: 9.5 hours
  • Monthly Sunshine Hours: 120
  • Rainfall: 46.5mm
  • Rainfall days: 13.5 days